March 22, 2023

The Anglican High School, Ado Ekiti’s Old Students Association for the class of 2006–2007, recently held the second iteration of its reunion celebration, inviting attendees from all around Nigeria and the diaspora in person and virtually.

In his welcome address, Dr. Ajayi Oluwaseyi, the association’s president, remarked how lovely it was to once more see the faces of the attendees after a very long time. According to him, the aim of the reunion is to strengthen bonds between members and get to know one another better.

Mr. Akinbode Oke, the school’s principal, was also present for the ceremony. He stated that he is pleased to see former students of the school organising a reunion of this nature since it serves to promote member togetherness while also pursuing the advancement of the school.

He claimed that the lack of some basic amenities at the school is impeding good learning and that it urgently needs the help of the alumni.

He went on to say that the class of 2007 alumni should assume a leadership position by making an attempt to bring all former students together by forming a joint alumni group.

He advised members to make ASHA the best institution possible and foster a strong sense of community among themselves.

At the occasion, the association formally unveiled its constitution to support efficient alumni administration.

Another development was the election of new executives who will manage the association’s affairs for the next two years. The newly elected officers are Dr. Ajayi Oluwaseyi, President; Mr. Ajayi Olalekan, Financial Secretary; Mrs. Temiyeoluwa Folusaye, PRO; Mr. Ogunmoroti Ropo, Treasurer, and Mrs. Adeoye Opeyemi, Ex officio

The old students mentioned how happy they were to meet one another again after 15 years. They pledged to maintain the enthusiasm and work to make the reunion an annual event.

Great people have emerged from Anglican High School since its founding in 1980, both in Nigeria and all over the world.

Photos from the event

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