March 22, 2023

Nestle Nigeria is set to host members of the Brand Journalists Association of Nigeria (BJAN) on March 15, 2023, at its Agbara plant, Ogun state, as part of the 2023 World Consumers Rights Day (WCRD) commemoration.

The event seeks to educate and empower writers covering the Integrated Marketing Communications Industry (IMC) on topics related to clean energy transition and sustainable development goals, with a focus on the environment.

WCRD is a global event celebrated annually on March 15 to raise awareness about
The theme for this year is: “The Green Economy: Building a Cleaner Safer World for Consumers”.

The theme was adapted from the 2023 WCRD global theme, “Empowering Consumers through Clean Energy Transitions,” to suit the Nigerian society.

BJAN, which participates in the global event every year, plans to draw attention to consumer rights, with a focus on keeping the environment safe.

According to BJAN Chairman, Clara Chinwe Okoro, this year’s event will focus on the need to keep the environment safe.
“In keeping the environment safe, Brand writers will have the opportunity to hear from a global brand that has been in the business of sustainability for a long time”, Clara said.

Nestle Nigeria has consistently over the past years demonstrated commitment in the area of sustainable growth and development for the environment, agriculture, clean energy value chain management. This years partnership with BJAN to celebrate the WCRD marks the first of it’s kind in the industry.

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